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Benefits of Massage

  • Fatigue recovery and vigour regulation
  • Relax the mood and shape the body
  • Ease up the muscle and relax the skin
  • Stretch muscles and bones
  • Ease the body aches and opening the meridians and collaterals

Benefits of 4D Massage

  • Four Dimensional ultra-long curved rail that realizes individual body curves and adjusts for maximum massage experience
  • Multi-angle all round intelligent massage
  • Focus on buttock massage
  • Multiple Massage Types
  • Stretch Massage for muscles and bones
  • Relaxation of mood and body
  • Fatigue recovery and vigour regulation
  • Pain Relief

With the addition of the zero gravity feature the multiangle all-around intelligent massage to reach new limits as it simultaneously:

  • Stretches muscles and bones while it massages
  • Relaxes the body in it’s zero G state
  • Fatigue recovery and vigour regulation
  • Relieves pain

Additional Features

  • Full Body Air Bag Massage
  • Accupoint and Pulse Tracking
  • Micro Space Sliding Design
  • Tablet/Smartphone Controllable
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More Information:
CH4000 Massage Chair

Factory Direct Medical logoClick here to buy the CH4000 Massage Chair!

MSRP: $8,500
FDM price: $7,900

  CH4001 Economy Massage Chair Banner

The CH4001 massage chair is an economy version of our CH4000 full body 4D massage chair.

Choice of two, timed automatic massage programs, Shiatsu massage and heat. Adjustable rollers with 3 intensities massage from the neck to buttocks. Air massage for seat sides and legs also provide three intensities. Two speakers are integrated into the head section that play music from your Bluetooth enabled device.

  • Patented massage rollers provide kneading, rocking, knocking, tapping & shiatsu massages. Rollers can move up and down in S shape to provide a special massage.
  • The L-track fits body curves to massage from neck to buttocks.
  • Massage roller heating provides heating therapy.
  • Two automatic programs to choose from.
  • Three levels of massage intensity.
  • Three level adjustable air massage on seat side and leg.
  • Backrest reclines as the leg rest rises.
  • Supports Bluetooth music through two headrest speakers.
  • USB port on armrest will charge your mobile.
  • Power consumption: 96 Watts
  • Voltage: 100 V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Rated Time :15 Minutes
  • Dimensions: 1450 x 760 x 790 mm (L x W x H)
  • NW / GW: 50 kg / 65 kg
  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
  • Function: Massage, kneading, shiatsu, knock for household use. Eliminates muscle fatigue, stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle stiffness & nerve pain.

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More Information:
CH4001 Massage Chair

Factory Direct Medical logoClick here to buy the CH4001 Massage Chair!

MSRP: $2,995
FDM price: $1,875

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